Fish Hoek: 7/11/16 (Week 9)

Shoooo everyone! The week was a good one, flew by super quick!! We finally saw some sweet results. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass! We saw 6 less actives at church on Sunday, ones that we have been working with for weeks. It was so nice to see them walk in to Sacrament meeting. One was a young couple with two little kids. They were thrilled to see us, but we were even more thrilled to see them!


We had a brutal Tuesday and Wednesday. We tried to see 23 different people and they were either not home or too busy and we only saw two. But then two other days we had 4 lessons each day. If you think you have given 100 percent and you don’t see success, give another 10 percent. Often when we push ourselves to the maximum we think we can go and don’t see results, that is the Lord telling us we can push ourselves even harder. And that is what we have done, and miracles are following. We had a lesson with a girl named Linda. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. I did the math and added everything up, I will end up teaching about 3000 lessons over these two years. So a lot of the time you are trying to think of new ways to teach these things. But I just followed the spirit and we taught her. The spirit was just overwhelming.  Afterwards the man there was looking at us and asked if we get paid, we told him no and he said “then why are you here?”.  He said he felt so good as we were talking. I told him “that is exactly why we are here, because the gospel makes us happy and it has made my family and I happy and that is why I am here, to bring this happiness to you.” While we were talking to him I looked at Linda who was talking to a recent convert saying as she was touching her heart: “I feel so much peace and happiness”. The recent convert said “that is the spirit you are feeling”.  It is powerful when members bare testimonies to their friends! After the lesson Elder Ianu and I were just kind of sitting there and we looked at each other and basically at the same time said “wow, that lesson was just amazing”. The spirit was so strong. The gospel really does bring joy!

But this week my family and I finished the Book of Mormon.  It took us 9 months reading a chapter a day… and we finished. My heart is full thinking about it… I love the Book of Mormon. Every page every chapter every verse is the word of God. I know it. There is no denying it. It has changed my life and has changed the life of my family members. Thanks be to God for providing the Book of Mormon and Bible to go hand and hand and teach us His word.

I love you all and am so excited to see you all… but not excited to come home if that makes sense hahha. I will only send two more updates as a missionary…how crazy…but love you all!

Elder Taylor



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