Fish Hoek: 6/27/16 (Week 7)

Hey everyone! Can’t believe this week I will hit 23 months on the mission and I will turn 21 years old, so weird! But this week went well…still carrying on the Lord’s work. I said goodbye to Elder Smith on Wednesday and he returned the favor by sending a picture of him hugging his mom at the airport hahaha! But soon that will be my family and I! I had to give a talk this week so I decided to give it to the ward on what better than missionary work from a missionary haha… I felt they needed a slight rebuke on their lack of missionary work, so I was pretty blunt.  But afterwards many people came up saying “great talk, I think it will really opened the eyes of the ward, they needed that”…hahaha!


The work is going good.  We just figured out our new area and now we have to whitewash the other area as well…. a lot more people to teach now! We have seen quite a few less actives returning to church and cool things happening! The members are super cool… love them, probably have been some of my favorites! The training of Elder Ianu is going well. It is weird to only have us at our boarding being far away from other missionaries, but it’s cool because it helps me get to know him better.

We also went to this funeral on Thursday and it was so weird.  It was in a language called Afrikaans, pastors yelling and what not. If it was in Xhosa at least I would understand a little bit but I don’t know any Afrikaans.  It was brutal to get through hahaha!  But Africa is amazing.

Can’t believe how fast time is going! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You are the best!!

Elder Taylor





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