Fish Hoek: 6/20/16 (Week 6)

What a week, lots of things happened. We just finished another transfer, and now I am on my last, number 17/17, and now officially the missionary who has been out the longest in our mission, crazy. One of my best friends is going home now from this mission, Elder Smith. We were together when we were 4 and 5 months out! So weird! We got transfer news this week and I found out that the other two Elder’s in our district working in Fish Hoek will leave and Elder Ianu and I are going to take over their area as well, so basically another white wash hahaha. The Lord is really trying to get every ounce of energy out of me, which is great actually!! Helping me work hard and endure to the end!


My family and I have been reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon everyday for a few months now and on Monday’s we share in a group email our favorite scriptures from the past week. Myself, my dad, mom, Haley, Kaitlyn, Matt, and Tanner will all finish the Book of Mormon on the 18th of next month, which is so cool. A lot of other missionaries are now starting to do that with their families as well. It has really helped our family even grow together more, which I didn’t think could be possible! The Book of Mormon is true, I know it. No man could have ever made that up, almost 3,000 years of history which is completely accurate and never contradicts itself. No man can falsify any length of history without contradicting himself. Read the book, pray about it. You will also know. If it promotes us to do good, and it does, it has to be from God. The Savior himself said “a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit”. I have taught thousands of people, and every single time someone sincerely reads the Book of Mormon and applies the teachings, they grow closer to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Read!!


Something interesting is that before this area I only prayed once in a sacrament meeting,,,my whole mission… and in this area the first 6 weeks, they have asked me to say the opening prayer 3 of those weeks hahaha, but I love this ward and the members…really great people. I have a few ideas to get them involved in missionary work at a higher level and I’m excited to present that to them.  I love you all!!

Elder Taylor




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