Fish Hoek: 6/13/16 (Week 5)

This week went well!  We were able to teach 17 lessons, which is still not up to par, but we are getting there as we are finding new people teach. Also added 7 new investigators this week…all of those came off of referrals from ward members. So we are very happy with the work going on. I kept telling Elder Ianu, slowly but surely we will get there, and it is cool to see it happening. We committed two people to baptism this next month, Linda and Khyanisa.  We are super excited for that!  Elder Ianu is starting to love the work.  One time this week when I was trying to correct something obedience related he said “I am a Poly, what do you expect?”. I told him not to use that as an excuse and he was better than that. He is really starting to see the importance of obedience on a mission, and how important that is to having the spirit. Even yesterday he felt prompted to go somewhere. As we were teaching this lady we saw another lady come in say hi and walked out… didn’t think much of it.  After the lesson Elder Ianu felt prompted to go to a members house and we did…and the same lady was there.  Happens that she is a less active member that we have been trying to contact, so we set up a time to go see her this coming week.  It is cool to see him start recognizing the promptings of the spirit.  He is very humble and teachable.


The Fish Hoek members have probably been some of my favorites on my mission. We got fed 8 times this week.  We have only had to cook a few times ourselves these past few weeks, so that is a plus! We also had a ward conference and a lot people turned up for that.  We had 61 last week at sacrament and this week had 139. There were a lot of people from Meadowridge there, my former area, who came because they are in the Stake.  I had some pretty cool reunions.  All of them said “you are still here??  You have been on a mission forever!”  hahahaha yeah I really have been… 97 weeks!  But life is good.  Crazy to have my flight plans for going home…getting too real…but ready to finish strong for the Lord!

Love you all!
Elder Taylor



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