Fish Hoek: 6/6/16 (Week 4)

Well this week a lot of funny things happened, I know my Grandpa Needham will love one of these stories…. But first off, happy 22 to my cousin Jacob, he is the man!! Can’t wait to see him!


So this week we met with Elder Hamilton for Zone Conference with a bunch of Elders. He is in the Second Quorum of the 70 and the Area President. We had a special leadership meeting as well with the leaders in the mission, which was great.  He is powerful…learned a lot, really cool to spend some time with him! Of course we sat in the front because our zone wanted to. So at the beginning of the conference he wanted to shake everyone’s hand. President called me to go first, so I shake Sister Merrill’s hand and then President, and then go to Elder Hamilton, and I forgot his name as I spoke, I said “hey elder hamamaamll….” and then I walked away, I was too embarrassed. And then to make it worse, after Zone Conference President and Elder Hamilton went out of the parking lot a different way and we went the other way, so about two minutes later I was going to go straight and the Elder told me to go left at the last second, so I cut in front of a car to make a left at the last second and I look up, President Merrill is in front of me, and I look back at the car I cut off…Elder Hamilton. I said out loud “I cannot believe I just cut off a General Authority” The other Elders in the car where dying laughing, legit crying of laughter.  But on a positive note, Elder Hamilton talked to me for a little bit about training and stuff, so that went well.  I bet my Grandpa is dying right now as he read that.


Another cool thing that happened… I had lost my wallet in Mitchell’s Plain in December. Someone found it in Johanesburg and mailed it to the mission home and I got it back this week….what??? Hahahha blessings on blessings on blessings.

The work is getting there, slowly but surely. We had four less actives at church and we are finding some more people to teach. We did like 6 service projects which was cool! But we are getting there.  Grateful for the opportunity to have a hard last few months so I can continue to learn and grow and become the person God wants me to be…. 8 weeks Brothers and Sisters!

Elder Taylor




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