Fish Hoek: 5/22/16 (Week 2)

My people, another week down. Went by pretty quick actually. Good news, we got a car. Bad news, there’s not much people to teach at the moment but we are getting there little by little. Elder Smith, one of my former companions, told me of a guy he baptized there that was less active so we found him and taught him and are working on getting him back. A few referrals here and there, but not much yet. The area will probably get going right when I leave hahaha but it’s cool!


Cool thing, found a guy in the township wearing an A’s jersey. It was late and he looked scary so I decided against getting a picture, but take my word for it. I freaked out and everyone was like what what??? I was like “that guy is wearing an A’s jersey!!!” hahahahah! First time seeing that since I have been in Africa!

We got fed a bunch again this week, the members love us which is great. We played the American game Apples to Apples which was fun. I think we got fed 7 times last week and have 6 more planned for this week. We have a bbq with that rich guy in the ward tonight which should be sweet!

This morning we went up to Signal Hill. We got up early, around 5am, and went as a district. Going to miss South Africa, one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. You really can’t explain it with a picture. I love this place. It really has become my home.


Elder Ianu is doing well. It’s crazy actually, having to be a “father”…helping him budget, iron, clean, missionary work, how to act with members and what not. Really preparing me to be a dad!! Loving it. Can’t believe I will only send 9 more weekly emails on my mission. Hope you have enjoyed them and looking forward to the last few!

Love you all,

Elder Taylor






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