Fish Hoek: 5/16/16 (Week 1)

Well everyone, on Tuesday at 9 AM I got a phone call from President telling me my trainee will be coming in and I will white wash train (open up a brand new area) to end my mission, crazy. He wanted me to serve somewhere else but felt prompted to put me in Fish Hoek to train a new missionary and randomly his visa came in at the last minute and I was able to start training him, super cool. President Merrill was a man called of God and he receives revelation for this mission!

This week was brutal hahaha, no other way to put it.. We don’t have a car, we are walking and part of our area is in a township and there are riots going on.  We have zero people to teach and my companion doesn’t have a clue with what is going on… oh boy…but we found a few people and visited some members and slowly but surely we will build it up.  Always rely on Lord and he will help us with everything! We got fed 5 times in 5 days so that is always nice! I taught Priesthood on Sunday and it was cool to look around at all the brethren and see the diversity in the gospel. There was a man from Zimbabwe, South African white man, Malwai, America, Samoa, Chile, and a Xhosa. The gospel is meant for everyone.


Our District is powerful though. 2 Americans, an elder from Chile, and an Elder from Samoa. We get up and go running in the morning! We have a very tight district. We were up late last night making lemon bars and talking. Helps when you have brutal weeks to have friends in the district to make things better.

Our ward mission leader is very wealthy…an elder said he was 2008 Time magazine business man of the year.  In 2008 he made 250 million dollars.  He is so cool…he has us over every week. First night I got here we went to his house, played ping pong and he made steak and had a correlation then went home teaching with him! Part of my new area is a very rich area to say the least, and part of it is a very poor township.

Ready to finish strong these last 11 weeks… giving it my all to the Lord, because the least He deserves is my best effort!

Elder Taylor




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