Port Elizabeth: 5/9/16 (Week 18)

First off, I want to give a big shout out to the best Mother in the entire world. She is so amazing and has been such a motivation for me here on my mission. I love and miss her and I’m so grateful to have her as my mom! Skype was amazing! Can’t believe that was my fourth and final skype, they have come and gone so fast! Love my family and excited to be back with them. So grateful to the Lord for always fulfilling his promises and blessing my family so much!


I got my transfer news and I found out I will be going back to Cape Town. I will go to a place called Fish Hoek. I will be with a struggling missionary in a tri companionship. There are two elders from the islands waiting for visas, and once, or if, one of them comes in, I will train him there in Fish Hoek! Grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me to help someone in need. I will not be a zone leader anymore…first time with no leadership in a long time on my mission. I was part of my last MLC and President made me and the other ones going home share our testimonies to the other leaders and it was sweet, strong spirit there! I will continue to work hard these final 12 weeks of my mission… I have had eternity to prepare for these final weeks and my mission in general, and I will have eternity to reflect on how well I served and how well I finished!

This week was great, we had the confirmation of Nicholas and that went well! We have an investigator on the university soccer team here so we went there to support her in one of her games.  It was super cool. They won 3-2…she was a stud! I also had to give a talk at church, hahaha sho I am excited not to give talks all the time once I get back!!

Thank you all for the support, the letters, the love, the prayers. They have helped me get through the tough times. Love you all!

Elder Taylor


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