Port Elizabeth: 5/2/16 (Week 17)

21 months come and gone, so quick. Time is a real crazy thing. This week went well! We had zone training and we gave the training. I think it went well. I cried in it, first time in a long time I cried in a lesson or training haha I was real touched by the spirit there. I had interviews with my mission president and he talked a lot about home. He told me I will not be a zone leader my last two transfers. I was going to train a new missionary but there are not as many coming in as expected. So instead I will go back to a township and go on special assignment and help a struggling missionary. Always up for the tasks the Lord puts before me!


We had a super powerful baptism as well this week. Nicholas was a referral from his friend and his friend baptized him, they were both full of joy and smiling ear to ear.


The gospel is true. It changes lives, it has changed mine. I have seen people with no background knowledge of Christ, or claim to have one, and then get introduced to this, the true gospel, and have seen the light go off in their eyes. Their attitudes change, their personalities change, and their desire to follow God increases. Like the Savior said himself “a bad tree cannot bring forth bad fruit”…if it entices us to good, it has to be from our Father in Heaven.

I love you all!

Elder Taylor



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