Port Elizabeth: 4/25/16 (Week 16)

Shoooo everyone 100 days left of my mission, where has the time gone? As I am close to going home I have reflected on my mission a lot.. A kid from Pleasanton, going thousands of miles away by himself to Africa. Walking the streets of Africa going into random people’s houses and telling them about Jesus Christ, such an amazing experience. I have met the most amazing and humble people. Crazy that total strangers in a foreign land have become some of my best friends!


This week was good, so busy! We found out our recent convert has asked for mission papers and is going to go on a mission, and another girl we baptized is planning on going next year! Powerful! We have a baptism this Sunday for a 19 year old guy who wants to share the gospel as well, so we will start that desire to serve a mission with him. We have zone training this week that Elder Young and I have to do, and then MLC next week! So much stuff to do but we are trying to get everything done!


I was able to go to Motherwell on exchanges and it was sweet being back. We went on splits and I went with one of my favorite former fellowshippers.  We taught this guy about the Book of Mormon and I was just giving it to him, quoting where it talks about the BofM in the Bible and what not and the spirit was just super strong. After he was speechless, he looks at me and had tears in his eyes and said “wow, that is amazing. Powerful, I want to read this book, I am so excited, please come back and visit”. Crazy how the spirit works and helps people come to the truth. The Book of Mormon is true, I am finishing it for the fourth time and it blows my mind how someone could not believe in it. Even just from an intellectual standpoint. A guy who has a 2nd grade education comes up with a book that millions of people have prayed and asked God if it was true and have felt the spirit testify to them it is. People die for this book, it changes lives. A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit…from the mouth of the Savior himself!  Read this book and pray about it, and you, like millions upon millions of others, can know that it is true, every verse, every page, every chapter.

Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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