Port Elizabeth: 4/18/16 (Week 15)

Shoooo everyone, one of the most spiritual weeks of my mission, such a powerful one. We saw so many crazy miracles happen and I will share just a few. We started by going on exchanges with the Assistants to the President which was powerful. We learned a lot from them that we will take back to our area and our zone. We were able to do some service at a horse farm with the Special Ed kids and it was amazing. I also saw Phuma!! My favorite RC riding a bike, he fell off and ran to me, what a reunion, almost in tears. We talked and shared the gospel and about life and what not and it was amazing. I think it’s crazy that saying bye to my family was so hard, amazingly hard, sho, I hate thinking about it. But I find it more sad almost saying bye to these people that have become some of my best friends. I know I will see my family in a few months. But almost all of these people when I say goodbye… it is really saying goodbye until we meet again in the next life.  Such a hard thing, but grateful for the relationships that I have made here.


A goal that Elder Young and I have had is to place at least one copy of the Book of Mormon every day for the rest of our missions. I have about 100 days left so it will be so cool. We started it out this week and we are seeing amazing things happen. We had 6 new investigators and 8 investigators at church. Amazing that when we put in this little effort, the Lord shows his hand abundantly. We even saw a group of pastors and Elder Young said “should we give it to them?” And we stopped the car got out and shared the Book of Mormon with these pastors for half an hour! The Lord is good!


We met this new guy named Peter, he is white and owns his own business. This doesn’t happen a lot where they are interested in the gospel, they aren’t the most humble of people. But he came to church for the first time and we asked how it was and he was in tears saying “it was exactly what I needed to fill my soul” and said he wants us to bring that to his house, so we will be going this week and meet with him. Miracle after miracle, just starting to get undeniable.

One amazing experience, one of the most amazing of my mission was with Elder Young. He was struggling with something and asked me for a blessing, so I gave him one. I had my hands on his head and spoke with the spirit. I felt prompted to say something so I did… later on in the day Elder Young told me that I said something in the blessing that was word for word in his patriarchal blessing. I was in shock… The spirit is real and the promptings we get… I am so grateful to be worthy of the spirit at all times.

The Church is true, witness after witness comes. If you don’t have a like testimony, feel free to lean on mine, or others until you get your own. All you need to do is plant the seed in your heart, have that desire. As you pray, attend church, and read the Book of Mormon, you will feel that testimony grow within you! Love you all thanks for all the prayers!

Elder Taylor




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