Port Elizabeth: 4/11/16 (Week 14)

Hello from Cape Town everyone! Here for a few days with the assistants going on exchanges! Should be a good few days!

It was such a sweet week. We were able to watch conference this week, and it was probably the best one I have ever seen. My one sentence recap for conference was “don’t worry about the future, just trust in the Lord and His gospel and all will be well.” Had so much personal revelation given to me through the Spirit and so grateful to be worthy to have it as a constant companion.

We had a super sweet experience with our recent convert who I was able to baptize. We taught about the Holy Ghost and she bore testimony of how many spiritual experiences she has been having. She said when she is so stressed and worried about the future she reads from the Book of Mormon and it brings peace to her soul. She has been going to seminary and wants to go on a mission. She went to all sessions of conference, some super strong members don’t even do that! I was looking at her as she was getting emotional and I also had tears in my eyes. So grateful for the gospel and that it changes people and so grateful I was able to come here and see what I want in life and how the gospel has been such an amazing blessing. She prayed at the end and asked the Lord for all of us to find people to teach to “change lives the way it changed (hers)” So powerful!


We had another sweet experience with a lady… I felt prompted three times while we were driving home to go and stop by and see her and this guy.. it was getting pretty late and we were tired.. But I couldn’t deny the spiritual impressions, or I would be under some serious condemnation at the last day. So we went…and she was so happy, she said “Guys, you always answer my prayers. Thank you for being ready to always answer my questions and for having the spirit”. So sweet!  Love this gospel.

One funny thing is we did some interviews from some people getting baptized in Motherwell. This girl that I didn’t even interview wanted me to baptize her hahahah! But I didn’t. Let her Uncle do it… hahahha we have been so busy. The trip to George, leadership meetings, exchanges, Cape Town, interviews. I am exhausted. But I promised the Lord I will work as hard as I can, and that they can carry me off the plane on a stretcher for how hard I worked if need be! I love you all and want you to know I am grateful for this gospel. This is the only true church on the Earth. Thank you for the prayers. They strengthen me more than you know and give me the courage in time of need to press on! Keep looking forward, there are better days ahead no matter how hard things seem now. Don’t look back in the past and regret things you should have done. Rather look forward to the future with all the things you can still do! Love you all!

Elder Taylor


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