Port Elizabeth: 4/4/16 (Week 13)

Well another week down, and a pretty powerful one to say the least. We are on to another transfer…so happy I stayed with my companion again, best friends! But on Wednesday we had a bunch of Elders flying in and out all day so we were basically at the airport from 6 am to 6 pm. Long day hahaha. Zone leader probs, but it’s cool being able to serve others! One Elder we got super close to…we were with them all the time.  It is super sad saying bye to your friends here on the mission. They become brothers, brothers in Christ which is the closest brotherhood someone can have!


We are teaching this powerful guy named Nicholas. He attends the university and he is 19. At Fast and Testimony meeting this week he went up and bore his testimony. He didn’t even ask if it was okay, which it obviously was, but he just went up and bore his testimony, powerful! That was his fifth time at church and he is getting baptized on the 17th!

We had a busy week this week, helping elders move, doing baptismal interviews etc, and this week we have mission leadership council, and next week flying to Cape Town to go on exchanges with the Assistants.  Life is moving at a fast rate…we barely have time to breathe!


The ward loves my companion and I, which is great. Twice some of the YSA took us out this week to get some food.  We had a huge YSA activity with someone in the Bishopric because they really wanted us over. Another counselor in the Bishopric is having us over tonight because he wants us to be at his FHE and have a ping pong tournament. A member wants to come hang out with us today on Pday, and we are getting taken out again by members this week. Hahahha life is good!! Love and miss you all! 🙂

Elder Taylor



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