Port Elizabeth: 3/14/16 (Week 10)

Well, since I got 60 emails this week and almost all of them mentioned Haley and Tanner I think I will start off there, hahahah. CONGRATS to Haley and Tanner on getting engaged!! Can’t believe my baby sister is getting married before me, I’ll be the last one in the family but it’s cool…. So proud of Haley and the person she has become. Such a great example to me and she picked well with one of my good friends Tanner. I set them up… kind of a big deal hahaha! Can’t wait to be in the temple and see them sealed for time and all eternity and glad my best bud Grant came home from his mish and was able to witness that. God is good!



This week went well. Had a lot of struggles and challenges but in turn, learned a lot about myself and was able to grow. We were able to push through and find 7 new investigators. One was an 18 year old who knows the Bible like the back of his hand. He doesn’t like the Bible as much due to the fact that it has been changed and some key things taken out. We were happy because it led to a discussion on the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He agreed to read it and loves it and has been carrying it around school declaring “I love the Book of Mormon” Powerful!!


One thing that my family and I have been doing is reading a chapter a day individually and in our emails we send our favorite scripture from that week. Now we are in Alma. We have taken that to our investigators and members and at the beginning of each lesson we will share our favorite scripture on what we have read so people can see we are reading with them, it has been power!

This week we are heading to George. We are going on exchanges with Elders there. It is about a 4 hour drive away and it is known as one of the most beautiful places in South Africa, so we are excited for that!


One quote from our Landlord’s (who is a member) son.. we were on the trampoline laying down and he comes out.. he is four… and says “I am going to eat my fruit first and then I am going to come and talk to you guys for a long time” hahaha so cute!! Then he prayed with us…. awesome, powerful!


Elder Taylor




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