Port Elizabeth: 3/6/16 (Week 9)

Shoooo everyone what a week, a very spiritual one indeed. The Lord is great. We will start off with a sweet companion experience. My companion was sick and we had a lot of appointments that day so we were a little stressed…. so he asked me to give him a blessing.  As I had my hands on him I saw clearly the type of companion I had and how proud the Lord was of him.  I said a few things in the blessing that I wasn’t going to say but the spirit prompted me to do so.  After the blessing he had tears and he looked at me and said “you said many things which I needed to hear”. And later in a lesson that day he cried bearing testimony of the Priesthood and it brought tears to my eyes as well. The Lord is with us.


This week we experienced a very scary thing, where I legit thought I was about to lose my life. We were turning and a car came from nowhere and T- Boned us going 50 miles an hour. I was driving and he slammed on the brakes and they locked up and for about 3 seconds I saw my life flash before my eyes. My companion tried to grab me and help because we both thought that something was going to happen to me. But he slammed into the car and totaled the car but not a scratch on either of us or him. We have showed people the pictures and they are in shock how we didn’t get any injuries, let alone die.  As I reflected on that accident I think about how much the Lord is over us. When we do what we are supposed to we have the Lord’s protection.  As I prayed that night tears filled my eyes and my heart was full of gratitude to my Father in Heaven. Grateful to still be alive.


We had zone conference this week and it was super powerful, and also Stake Conference. Our mission President is a stud! Such a spiritual man, and I love the leadership meetings we have with him. His insights, knowledge and revelation he receives is undeniable. He was called of God to be my mission President at this time.


On an interesting note…we had a Zimbabwean family feed us some super freaky stuff hahahaha I love my mission. They pull out a bag of little dried fish with eyes and their heads still on and give us some to eat.  After we got in the car my companion cried laughing because of the face I made when I saw the fish.  He knew I didn’t want to eat them, but as missionaries obviously we need to. So I reached in the bag and ate one… oh my gosh I wanted to die hahahah, and then they offered us the whole bag but we said no it’s okay, it’s for their family.  But we still couldn’t get out of it. They said they will cook it for us Saturday… hopefully we sounded enthusiastic as we said ya hahahhah!

But I love and miss you all brothers and sisters!

Elder Taylor



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