Port Elizabeth: 2/29/16 (Week 8)

This week went very well… we had a super powerful baptism, she cried and got really emotional.. she was really overcome with the spirit and it was amazing to see, I was able to baptize her and it is something I will always remember. Her mom also came, who we have been trying to teach, so we are hopeful there!! We had 11 investigators at church, so the work is moving forward!


This week we had to deal with some Elders in our zone.. joy.  We had a busy full day and then President calls and says go visit with them so we cancelled stuff and had to go do interviews. Then we counseled in our companionship, called President Merrill, and we came to a conclusion all together. We took their car, so we have to drop them off in their area half an a hour away and pick them up as well for a little while, which is annoying. The things you have to do as a zone leader hahaha!

This week my comp and I and two elders in our district are starting the 63 day program of insanity…but then the senior couple wanted in and our fellowshippers and his friends as well hahaha…. we all want to get in better shape!!

But everything is good here, loving everyday and treating it like my last, serving as hard as I can with the time that is left!

Elder Taylor

Video from this week: Nae Nae in Africa



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