Port Elizabeth: 2/22/16 (Week 7)

Another week down. New companion as well! His name is Elder Young, he is from Oregon. First American companion in over a year so it’s weird when I talk about American things and he knows what I am saying, hahahah! But it is going well. We work hard and are obedient and test the Lord’s promises. We have a girl named Sibahle getting baptized this week, she passed her interview yesterday! I will be baptizing her so I will make sure we get some pictures! She quoted Jospeh Smith in Elder Nkusi’s journal…. hahaha…who does that?! A 17 year old investigator girl quotes Jospeh Smith, she’s poweeeeer!


This week the YSA group met again for Sunday, so I went there and my companion had to go to the other ward, so we went on splits to cover both. Shoooo we have been busy, stressful but it’s all good. A recent converts roommate came to church for the first time and said she wants to be baptized, right after they asked me to teach gospel principles! I taught the restoration and she felt the spirit strong. The YSA are so cool, we go out on Fridays to get food with them and it’s cool being around people our age for once.


One lady this week came up to us and asked us if we were from “Omaha”…I was like ummmm… hahahha and she said “you are the mormons?” we said yes and she said “You guys do great work”. There was a lady who overheard California when I said I was from there and she said “I am moving to Oakland, California in a few months”. I was like what the heck….small world though wow!

But life is good, enjoying every day I still have left as a missionary. No regrets! Love you all!

Elder Taylor



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