Port Elizabeth: 2/1/16 (Week 4)

Subject: 18 Months, whaaaat???

Well everyone, I have officially hit the 18th month mark, and have less than 6 months now…seriously though where does the time go? This week was really a great one. I just love my mission. Would not trade this for anything, just the growth in myself and the blessings I have received and the testimony that is so strong.

Like I said last week, the Monday flight to Cape Town was delayed, but we got there and had a meeting with the assistants, had FHE at my old elders quorum presidents’ house (served in the assistants area for 6 months) and then went with Elder Sekhasimbe. I went with him because the other assistant is one of my best friends in the mission so we would have been too chill together hahaha so I went with his companion who is such a great and powerful missionary, learned so much from him. Then on Wednesday, the flight was delayed again, different airline, same problem….1130 turned it 1, which turned into 3, which turned into 5, which turned it 8!!! Hahahahha they gave us two free meals and a free ticket voucher (the mission will use it). Then got back super late Wednesday night and only had a few days to prepare our investigators for their baptismal interviews! They all passed and three will get baptized this Sunday. Pray for them please! McClinton, Siphokazi, and Godfrey! I am not a huge numbers guy, okay that’s a lie, but numbers aren’t all that important, but after this weekend I will have been blessed with 31 baptisms on my mission so far. “And if ye shall bring many souls unto me, how great shall your joy be with them in the kingdom of my father”. My heart is full.


We had a new investigator this week, her name is Sebahle and she is 17. She left her church because she could not feel the spirit so she came to ours and was overcome when she came in. Fortunately we had a baptism that day and she was able to witness that, and we taught her a few days later and she just talked about how strong the spirit was and she was just sobbing, so emotional. My companion and I were just still and filled with tears. She committed to be baptized and came to church again. I felt impressed to share a specific scripture with her about Christ in the Book of Mormon and had her read it and as she read it she started to sob and paused and barely got through it, the power of the Book of Mormon! The spirit was just undeniable, I did not want to leave that lesson. I just felt so much joy and had so many mission flashbacks at that moment and how grateful I am to serve the Lord here for 2 years.

FSCN1066[1] (2)-EDIT

This week will continue to be busy, we have Elders staying with us, one of the district leaders in our zone who lives a few hours away. They will stay the night and then exchanges tomorrow and zone training Wednesday and another exchange Saturday and baptisms Sunday, I am so tired hahahha but the work of the Lord must and needs to go on!!

Thank you all for the prayers, my heart is full for these past 18 months, and this last quarter of my mission I will continue to go all out for the Lord!

Elder Taylor



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