Port Elizabeth: 1/25/16 (Week 3)

Hello everyone! Hope the week was well! Ours was busy, way too busy; but was great nonetheless! We had exchanges on Friday, and Saturday was able to go back to my former area, Motherwell! It was amazing to see the people I have grown to love. They were shocked and so excited to see me and it was just a great reunion. Then, on Sunday we had two baptisms and this morning we woke up at 5:30am and went to the airport to fly to Cape Town to go on exchanges with the Assistants. Exchanges today and tomorrow then fly back Wednesday. This morning our flight was delayed 4 and a half hours because the plane wasn’t working properly before we boarded. So everyone was pretty angry. Not going to lie, at first I was upset. They gave us a huge breakfeast voucher for all the passengers so we got fed nice, and that calmed most down hahahha. But I started to look at blessings in life instead of problems, and I have seen myself so much happier doing that. For instance, today I saw a safe plane trip, that they didn’t do anything dumb and put us on a plane that would have crashed, and also got a free meal. Most people saw a four and a half hour delay that made them late for things that aren’t very important. Our attitude determines everything, think positive!


So a few things that happened this week. Our land lord is a member, a high priest in fact. He was feeling sick, so he came in and asked for a blessing hahaha so I gave him one. One of the blessings of your tenants being missionaries I guess! My companion and I were talking, we are super tight and he told me that “it has been the most spiritual transfer on my mission” and I feel the same. We feel so in tune with the spirit. We even often feel prompted to share the same things to the same people at the same time that we didn’t even plan to do. We are trying to lead from the front in our zone and the Lord is helping us with that. Week 1 we had 12 investigators at church, week 2 we had 14, and this week we had 11. The Lord is showering blessings on us like crazy. We were able to have the two baptisms and will have 3-5 more on the 7th.  Just truly loving this area and my mission. I am so exhausted, not going to lie, and I have been super sick on top of the business, but never have I been filled with so much joy. I love you all!

Elder Taylor





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