Mitchells Plain: 1/4/16 (Week 6)

Each month goes faster and faster I swear. Where did the time go? But I found out I will be getting transferred. I will head back to Port Elizabeth and become a zone leader. I am stoked because I know my next companion very well and he is super cool! Being a zone leader doesn’t make me any better than other missionaries. The Lord called me not because of what I do well, but because of the weaknesses that I need to improve, and that I will be able to make into strengths by this calling!

Picture 004

This week was sweet though, as missionaries in South Africa we can’t do much on holidays due to safety reasons! So on New Years eve we had a braii (BBQ) with a recent convert and on New Years us and another Zone played sports at the church, super fun! Also, this week Brother Samson got confirmed and we were able to contact a less active who used to be in the branch presidency, and also found two solid new investigators!!

We were teaching this lady this week and her kid comes in and he is like spazzing, and she goes up to him and starts to like hit him, so I am thinking “is she beating him up?” Then she does the heimlick manuever and he was completely freaking out and she says “pray!!!!”.  I was in complete shock. I thought maybe he was possesed by a devil or something, and then he spits out what he was choking on…so I was like what the heck just happened hahahha. He had some huge candy in his mouth and was running around playing. She goes “the devil was up to this” and I was thinking…”or your son shouldn’t be running around with a huge candy in his mouth”. You think you’ve seen everything on a mission, but being in South Africa, you learn to expect the craziest hahahha!

But I am so grateful for these past 17 months. I have grown so much and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord for these 2 years. I will continue to leave it all on the alter of sacrifice these last 7 months!!! Love you all and thank you for all the prayers!!

Elder Taylor

Picture 002

Picture 003


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