Mitchells Plain: 12/28/15 (Week 5)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope everyone enjoyed it and will enjoy New Years as well, 2016!! Crazy!! But this week was good. We got fed around 8 times hahah we haven’t cooked in so long but it’s cool! We had a sweet zone conference with three combined zones for Christmas and it was great.

zone conf dec 2015b

Our mission president is so powerful! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. We watched a DVD about it. Many people say there is not a lot of evidence to back up the Book of Mormon but there really is. When Ishmael dies Nephi writes that they buried him in a place called Nahom, which no one had heard of before.  But recently they dug up a place and the records they found said that it was called Nahom, exaclty on the route where Lehi and his family were believed to have traveled. There is NOOOOO WAY Joseph Smith could have known that! The church is true, people just need to put time in to figure it out and they can know for themselves.

Picture 015

The baptism of Samson was so sweet. There is just a light around people after they get baptized…super cool!  Church was cancelled after sacrament meeting, we just had the baptism and left hahhaha, pretty interesting. 20 years in the church and I don’t remember that ever happening!! But no worries!

Hope everyone is doing well. Transfers this next week! Will keep everyone posted!! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Taylor

Picture 006

Picture 024


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