Mitchells Plain: 12/21/15 (Week 4)

Well everyone, Christmas week is here! So excited to skype with family…cannot believe it is the last one away from home!! Going to enjoy this one! But this week was great. Brother Samson is getting baptized this week, he fed us four times this week he is a stud and super ready for baptism! The less active family came to church again this week so that was sweet!


I gave a talk this week about the Sabbath and they asked me to tie it in with Christ and the Savior and I got emotional talking about the Savior. Brothers and Sisters, I hope we remember this season and why we truly have it. I am so grateful for the Savior. I know He is the Son of God, and He lives. I have felt his love way too much to ever deny that. I know it, and all of us can. We just need to pray and find out for ourselves. We can be perfected because of Him. He knows how we feel in every situation we go through because he has felt and borne our invidual burdens. So grateful and humbled I am able to represent him as his servant.


But the internet here is terrible, will find a new place next week. Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and family time. Something you don’t truly appreciate till you can’t spend time with your family. But the work of the Lord will continue!! Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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