Mitchells Plain: 12/7/15 (Week 2)

Well everyone what a week. This update will be pretty long but to catch your attention, I’ll tell you a few funny things that happened this week, definite “This is Africa” moments. Alright first one, we saw a 9 year old buy a cigarette from a shop and smoke it… hahahaha wow….second we were at this guys’ place that he owns, like equivalent to 7/11, so he always gives us stuff because we teach him and he likes us, and he was giving us some soda and he told the kid “go wash the cups in the toilet” HAHAHA! And then he brought them out and poured the soda. I was tripping. Yes I did drink it, no I have not died…yet…will keep you posted.  And third, we were around this sketchy area and there were a ton of cops and they were arresting these guys and one guy was resisting three cops, with the community of gangsters running towards the cops. I was hoping bullets would fly!!  And maybe it would hit me in the arm or something so I could tell my kids I got shot when I was on mission hahaha!!  But they finally get this guy in the car and then the women started punching the cops!! I was laughing so hard, I was like imagine this happening in Pleasanton…hahahaha… I am not even scared of anything now though, too many times I have heard the Lord say “I got your back, don’t worry, you and your family will be safe and see each other after you returned having served me faithfully” So all is well!!
Okay more spiritual…I was praying hard when I was on the plane a few weeks ago for a missionary opportunity. So, the Lord loves our righteous desires so what does he give me? That opportunity! So all missionaries are paired together and what do you know, I am the only one that is not. I am assigned to sit next to this woman. First thing she says is “I am blessed to sit by a servant of the Lord”, and then said “if you are an elder what does that make me??” So we had some laughs and she had so many questions about the gospel. She was from Mtatha, so I told her I served there earlier in my mission and we talked about why, and what our role is as missionaries and she just loved it!  She said she wanted to be my mother here in Africa until I go back to America with my mom and dad…hahaha.  She is the head of 350 schools here and she wants missionaries to go teach the students and the teachers!!  It was super cool, she told me she was honored to have sat by me and learned so much, and she wants missionaries over as well. The Lord delivers!
So this place is tough but we were able to see a lot of success this week. My companion told me the first day that they never get fed by members so I was pretty sad hahaha, but this week we ended up getting 8 meals from members! So much for not getting fed. But I have been working out hard everyday so all is well!
But I am grateful for this week. It was a challenging week, very tough, and very rewarding. Really what more can you ask for??
Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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