Mitchells Plain: 11/30/15 (Week 1)

Well everyone! Before I tell you about this week, I would love to receive a letter from as many of you as possible, I love getting real mail… I will put my address at the bottom!

But, I have a new companion and I am in a new area, Mitchells Plain. It is equivalent to serving in Oakland, CA! There is basically no one to teach and the branch is super small! BUT, the work of the Lord will go on no matter what. My companion said they have never talked to the Branch President on the phone so I told him that was going to change and I picked it up and called him and said I was the new missionary and that I have the branch list in front of me and we would love to contact some less actives or people he wants us to visit. He was thrilled and gave us a few names. The Lord wants to help us but we need to do all we can before He does the rest.


So this area is tough, everything about it. And at one point I found myself pouting and I thought back to my wise Grandpa. Whenever I would pout he would say “give me the lip, give me the lip! do you practice that in the mirror?”  Basically saying you look bad when you pout. I was thinking in my mind “Why me? Why do I have to serve in this area at this point in my mission?” And then I had an impression that came into my heart “It is all about your attitude.” And right then I realized that I can either have a bad attitude and not grow and learn from this or I can have a good one and be able to really grow and continue to be molded into the person the Lord wants me to be. I chose the later of the two. Brothers and sisters it really is all about our attitude. Think about Nephi and Laman and Lemuel, all of them went through literally the exact same things. They left Jerusalem together, went back together, everything. Nephi had an amazing attitude, even when his father the prophet murmered at one point, and his brothers did not. And you know the rest. President Monson has said “Decisions determine destiny” and I would even say “Attitude determines destiny”.


We do have one sweet guy named Brother Samson.  He owns a shop here and he is from Ghana. He has been attending church for a few weeks so we committed him to baptism on the 28th of December, so we are super excited about that! He also had us over and fed us on Sunday, which was sweet. He is probably around 40 and he has two sons. At least there was one positive thing with this area this week. I know more will come this next week!!

One positive of being close to my old area is running into people I taught before. Charles, a guy who I was able to be a part of his baptism, owns an auto body shop and the missionaries go there to get their cars fixed, so we went in and it was a cool thing to see him again. We were both super happy! Truly love the people that I have met on my mission, they have forever changed my life!

Something I heard this week from a member made me very upset. There was a few of them in a house gossiping about “what the church does wrong” and everything they were saying was completely false. I almost interrupted them a few times but decided against it. I waited until they were done and one came into the room where I was and I asked her why she was saying all those things. I told her it was false doctrine and not what the church believes. She told me just because it is someone’s opinion doesn’t make it false doctrine. And I was puzzled. I responded, everyone can have their opinion, but we cannot claim our opinion is actual doctrine. She was speechless, but she agreed after a little hesitation and some discussion. It is super sad when people tear down the truth. But you think about Jesus Christ, he was the source of all truth. The people mocked and crucified and tore down him, so why would they not do the same to His church today? Stay strong, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. The opposite of faith is fear.

I love you all very much and truly cannot express my gratitude to all of you for your constant prayers, they lift me to places I would not be without them. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a great rest of the holiday season.

Elder Taylor

Address to mail letters is:
South Africa Cape Town Mission
P.O Box 181
Observatory, Cape Town
South Africa



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