Motherwell: 11/16/15 (Week 17)

Another crazy week but it was great, lots of learning experiences. So we had a three hour branch council meeting and a lot of it was about missionary work. The funeral of our less active daughters’ baby was this week and our branch President asked if I would preside over the funeral. I was the only white guy with 60 black xhosas and they looked at me for everything, but it was a super sweet experience. We sang “God be with you till we meet again” and there were A LOT of people in tears including me. Everything went well with the service and the less active was at church this week so hopefully this was the spark that she needed.



One thing that kinda stinks lately is everyone will say “how much longer do you have left on your mission?” And I say “About 8 months” And they say “shoooo you’re almost done!” I hate it hahahhah! So I started telling people I have been out for 6 months but no one believes me. Time is a crazy thing.

My mother also had her 30th bday this week!! Jokes, but love and miss her. She is the best mother anyone could have asked for. She puts everyone over herself and the most selfless person I have ever met. The 2,000 strippling warriors did not doubt what their mothers taught them and I don’t either. I thank my Mom for helping me and shaping me into the person I am today… LOVE YOU MOTHER DEAR!


This will be my last week in Motherwell and I am super sad. I will give it my all in this last week, I keep serving like I will be here forever. If you think about the future saying “I will get released soon.” or “I will get transferred” you won’t give it your all. But I love this place and it makes me sad knowing I really will be leaving. But all is well!!

I love you all and prayers for you all on the daily!!!!

Elder Taylor




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