Motherwell: 11/9/15 (Week 16)

Another week down. Man life is stressful as a missionary. Just this morning we got a call that our less active that we have been working with, her baby passed away last night. And I recently gave her a blessing. Very hard on me and my companion. But the amazing thing about the gospel is the comfort of the plan of salvation. Children who die before the age of accountability (age 8) will be heirs of the celestial kingdom. A mission is super hard mentally but it helps you grow more than you could ever imagine.


The baptisms this week were powerful. I have been blessed to see 25 of Heavenly Father’s children that I have taught enter into the waters of baptism. A scripture comes to mind: “And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!”. We do not get any money for being missionaries, but the joy that comes from helping a precious soul come to the light of Christ and become an heir of the Celestial Kingdom beats any amount of money.

Well, I found out I will leave this area and it is super tough for me, I was actually honestly in tears. This area was dead, one person on baptismal date when i came, and now, as I leave we were able to witness 12 baptisms. Not any glory to me, but to our Father in Heaven for making me an instrument in His hands.

We had zone training and interviews this week with President Merrill. My interview was very emotional for me. I asked him if it was possible I could extend my mission and he talked about how there is a time and place for everything and we are called for a season. And then he talked about how coming up not too far way I will be heading on a plane, saying goodbye to the people here, and you will realize how much you love this place and how much you have loved your mission. And he just looked at me for 10 seconds and tears filled in my eyes. And everything that has happened to me on my mission and all the experiences I have had hit me. Even now I am about to cry while writing this hahahhaaha. And he talked about these last 9 months to become the best missionary I can become. I have loved my mission. I love the people of South Africa. I really cannot even put into words my love for this place, I won’t even try, it would be to hard.


I went on exchanges this week as well with Elder Chatoras son. He is an area authority here in South Africa in the fifth quorum of the 70, so it was pretty sweet. Love you all!

Elder Taylor


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