Motherwell: 10/26/15 (Week 14)

Powerful powerful week everyone…. you guys must have been praying hard for me and my companion and our area this week, much appreciated. We were able to have 41 lessons. Literally only a couple of appointments dropped this week. Our Father in Heaven is over His work! We have four awesome baptisms next Saturday. Prayers for them please. Their names are Abongile, Phelisa, Desmona, and Nondumiso! The guy we baptized two weeks ago comes fellowshipping all the time with us and wants to serve a mission, so that is great. And a lot of our recent converts want to and are preparing to serve missions!


So I have been really trying to get down Xhosa. This week on the phone I was speaking to a girl who didn’t know English very well so I had a conversation with her in Xhosa hahahhaha….when I hung up my comp and fellowshippers just looked at me in shock and were like “GIFT OF TONGUES” hahahhahah! This language is sweet but suuuuuper hard to learn!


Elder Branch is one of my best friends here in the mission, he is my zone leader right now and I am his district leader hahahha but he was sick and not feeling well so he asked me after district meeting for me to give him a blessing. So I did… in the blessing I said “the pains you feel will cease immediately” and right after the blessing he looked at me and looked like he had tears in his eyes (he probably won’t admit that) and he said “dude, all the pain is gone”. The power of the Priesthood is real!

I had a dream this week that was super crazy… I was home after my two years was up and life went on and I wanted to cry about how much I missed my mission and I woke up and I was super happy that I was still here and I felt like crying hahahha…. Getting close to being done is a weird thing… it kind of stinks but it’s all good. We can’t serve missions forever.

I love and miss you all. I am so grateful for my time as a missionary. Anyone who is debating on going or not…. go…. you will not regret it. It will be the best decision you will ever make in your life.

Elder Taylor


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