Motherwell: 10/19/15 (Week 13)

Hello Everyone!

So this week I got a new companion, Elder Si’Ufanua, from Samoa. He is super sweet. Already super tight after just a few days! We had our first baptism together this Saturday and it was awesome. His name is Vusumzi and we visited him after his baptism and he already committed to serve a mission, so it is very powerful. His is 20 and going to go on mission next year. He is already going to fellowship with us on Tuesday!


We had some super sweet experiences this week. There was this girl, she is 27 and the daughter of the second counselor in the Branch Presidency. I felt impressed we needed to teach her so I asked her brother if she had ever been taught and he said she hadn’t. So we decided to go there and try and teach her. At first she said no but we kept talking and then she said “why now? missionaries have passed me all these times¬†without ever teaching me?” And we testified that Heavenly Father through his spirit, let us know it was her time. So she accepted for us to teach her and accepted the invitation to come to church, it was super cool!

Another one was our recent convert…we felt we should go and see him and he is NEVER home, literally it is kind of weird hahaha…but we went there and walked in and there was a bunch of people that left when we came in and he was sitting there and was super angry, and he said before you guys walked in I was about to say some super bad things to someone here and start something big…so we shared a message and he calmed down and was super super grateful for our visit. The spirit is real, we get these promptings and the Lord wants us to react to them and if we do, blessings follow.


Alright here is a funny story. We see this less active guy outside, we tell him were coming in to teach him, we walk to the door and he jumps the fence and runs away from us…. hahahhahahahahhaha!

But everyone, the church is true. There is not a single doubt in my mind. This is the ONLY true church upon the face of the Earth that has all the Priesthood necessary for our salvation. I am so grateful to be a missionary. So grateful for the love I feel from a loving Father in Heaven. I hope everyone is well back home!


Elder Taylor



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