Motherwell: 10/12/15 (Week 12)

Well, it really was another “pretty sick week”. This week was definitely a trying one but super grateful for it. It was filled with ups and downs, really what more could you ask for? I was suuuuuuper sick this week as well but feeling better now. The Lord heard the prayers and provided the health I needed to get through the week! So I will share a few ups and a few downs and how grateful I was for each. Obviously in this life we need to experience both. If we had vanilla cake every single meal since we were born, that was the ONLY thing we ate, then we wouldn’t know it was good because we never had anything else. But if we had fruits, some meat, and then had some cake, we would know it was good. Same thing in life. If we didn’t experience hard times we would never really experience good times. There needs to be an opposition in all things so that we can learn and grow and become like our Father in Heaven.

So let’s start with some not so good things that happened. I felt like I legit was on my deathbed this week hahahahha it was awful! My stomach, head, neck, eyes, ears, everything was just in pain. I was super weak and didn’t eat for 72 hours. Was feeling like Job. But with the Priesthood, prayers of many, and lots and lots of faith, I was made well again. I still went out and worked and the Lord gave me the strength to get through what I needed to get through. Praise to our God.


So another bad but good story. We had three sweet baptisms. I confirmed one of them. They were powerful and I really enjoyed their baptism. Two others, however, backed out the day before. Which we were really worried about. We went over and she said she had a dream that the church was true and she needed to wait to be baptized so we were able to figure things out with her and rescheduled her and her sisters baptism for the 7th of November. The Lord was able to bless us with His spirit and be able to answer any questions or concerns they had and testified on the reality of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


So, Elder Soko will be leaving and I will be getting a new companion from Samoa, Elder Si’ufunua. Super sweet Elder. I will really miss Elder Soko. We put in some SUPER hard and good work together. We were able to have 9 baptisms together and teach 400 lessons. We worked in love and unity and worked as one to help bring our Father’s children back to Him. I am grateful for the time I had with him and for the spirit we felt as we labored diligently in this part of the Lord’s vineyard together. Excited to learn and grow from my new companion. We have 17 transfers on our mission, six weeks each, and I am now on number 11. Crazy how quick a mission goes, it is super sad. But even on weeks that may not be 100% great, I wouldn’t trade one of the things I have experienced because it has shaped me and molded me into the man I am today.

Love you all and I am grateful for the prayers that come to mine and my companions way!

Elder Taylor


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