Motherwell: 9/28/15 (Week 10)

Well everyone, another month down, and it is scaring me how quick they are starting to go. Not ready one bit. I wish my visa was longer so I could extend. But, I need to be satisfied with the amount of time I still have left. Another really great week filled with ups and downs. Had 8 investigators come to church and we have five baptisms next Saturday, all of which were member referrals. We are working so hard and really seeing miracles happen.

This week we had a district barbeque, and shortly thereafter, we had a district food poisoning… hahaha…chicken wasn’t cooked very well, but all good. A couple of Priesthood blessings and we were good to go. One cool experience I forgot was last week. Elder Soko and I gave talks. So that morning he was having a massive headache and he asked me for a Priesthood blessing, and I gave him one, and he was immediately healed. He brought it up in his talk and shed tears for the restoration of the Priesthood, super cool experience!


One day everything was dropping, everything. We wanted to reach our goals for the day so we needed 4 more lessons in two hours of time, so we pulled over and prayed. We told the Lord our goal and we set a plan to do it. Right after we prayed we had someone call and ask to see us. Then we go to another appointment but they said they would be there in 15 minutes and we didn’t have time to go somewhere else, so we had time to knock on a door or two before they came. We felt prompted to go to this certain house and we knock and they let us in. We taught the restoration and got invited back. Then we taught the person we were waiting for. Then we only had about half an hour, and it was getting pretty late. We felt prompted to go a certain way, not really knowing why. We go there and we see our fellowshippers older brother walking, who we had been trying to contact for some time. So he says “Elders, meet me at the house.” He comes five minutes later and we teach him and the spirit touched him. He was in tears and committed to come to church.  Powerful experiences that God our Father hears our sincere prayers and pleas to him.


Our recent converts are growing so much. Nwabisa was crying about seeing the change in her life and I felt like Ammon in the Book of Mormon…I was overcome so that I could have collapsed for joy.  So grateful to my Heavenly Father for being able to preach His gospel. She almost made all of us cry in the lesson and she said “no other elders will take your guy’s place. You changed my life.”

I love my mission, I love life. I love my Savior. He lives, and is the head of this work. I pray for you all often.

Elder Taylor




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