Motherwell: 9/21/15 (Week 9)

Man the Lord is so good…I felt like last week could not be topped but it may have been. Such a powerful week. Elder Soko and I are working super hard on less active members getting them back to church and we were able to see 12 of them back at church on Sunday. So powerful! We both gave talks. Elder Soko about prophets and I was the concluding speaker and spoke about the apostasy and restoration. Went super well!

We had a powerful zone conference this week and it was so sweet getting to have a leadership meeting with the leaders of the mission and President Merrill and his counselor. It was awesome! He gave us good instruction on how to grow as leaders in this mission. One quote he said at conference is that what people, including myself, need to apply on a daily basis. “Life gets better when you make it better.” He is called of God and I sustain him as my Mission President with my whole heart.


So our recent converts, they are POWERFUL! One got baptized 5 weeks ago and she just became 1st counselor in the Relief Society Presidency and one who got baptized three weeks ago became the Young Men President. The people here are just so sweet, truly were prepared to receive the gospel. Especially the one last week that I mentioned who we felt impressed to go and see, Phelisa. She came to church again, went to the Young Women activity, read 15 chapters from the Book of Mormon in one day, and her sisters want to be baptized. So sweet. She had this super vivid dream. She told us the answers to her prayers come in dreams, so Elder Soko and I prayed that night for her to have some sort of dream to come to the truth. So the next day we go to her place and we asked if she got an answer about the Book of Mormon, and she did, in a BIG way. Her father passed away a little while ago and in the dream she told us her father came to her saying the church was true and he is waiting for her to get baptized so she can do baptisms for him, so crazy. The Lord truly hears and answers our sincere humble prayers.

Something Elder Soko and I and our fellowshippers fasted on was to be led to Heavenly Father’s children who are really looking for the truth but know not where to find it. Father answered that prayer in a big way. We were led to a bunch of people this week and committed a few new people to be baptized who came to church this week as well, it was awesome.


I cannot believe it has been almost 14 months since I started my mission, it makes me sad to think about basically 10 more months and I am done. I thought I would be happy getting close to being done but I am really not. It is a super big blessing that I have to serve the Lord as his full time servant, I will not stop the push until I get released from my mission, I love this work and I love the Lord. God bless all, pray constantly for everyone back home, have a good week!

Elder Taylor




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