Motherwell: 9/14/15 (Week 8)

The Lord is just so good. This week was the most spiritual one that I have had as a missionary and it brings joy and gratitude to my heart. First off, one of the ladies that just got baptized talked to our branch president and she came out and showed us that she got a temple recommend and she is preparing to go on a mission, so cool! And she was the girl who was suicidal when we first met her, the gospel changes lives!


Alright there are some very sacred and dear experiences to me that I feel I will share. Preach My Gospel says to share them if they will bless the lives of others. So first one. After a dropped appointment what we usually would do is just drive to another person we may think would be home. But this time our fellowshippers and us pulled over and prayed to ask our Father in Heaven who we need to go to. So we did that and right after we prayed, our fellowshipper Xolani said “let me see the phone” so he calls his friend. He tells her only he is coming over and then we go there and she walks out and gets scared because I am white hahahahha, so we teach her and right after teaching about Joseph Smith she said “I, like Joseph Smith, prayed to know which church to join and you guys showed up”. We bore testimony that nothing is by chance, that Heavenly Father makes it that way and that this was an answer to her prayer. She committed to come to church, and she did, and loved it and wants to go to the young women activity this week. So after church we met her and she said the Book of Mormon is powerful and we asked if she believes it is true and she said yes, so we committed her and her sister to baptism! The Lord is truly good. He gives us promptings and if we act on them, we will see miracles.


The second one was the next day. We do the same thing and right after the prayer Elder Soko and I looked at each other and we said “the Wonci family”. And we met them and asked how she is doing and she started bawling that she has some infection and its not going away and she asked for a Priesthood blessing so we gave her one. Then we go outside, and a man in a super nice car goes “What church are you?”, and we told him and he said his brother was a member before he passed and his younger brother wants to become a member so we were able to give him directions to the church, it was so sweet.


Then we went on splits and wow it was so cool. We went to our lesson, drop. Went to a different one, drop. The third, drop. The FOURTH, drop. The fifth…guess what…drop…. so we had a prompting to see this less active lady and we did (she is never home) but she was there and said her world is crashing down and we were able to go and bring the spirit into her life that was much needed. Her kid walked by in the middle of the lesson and she chucked a shoe at him because he was loud, I almost died laughing. I love South Africa.

The Lord is truly great. All he wants us to do is be obedient and listen to the promptings. Obedient missionaries see success, exact obedient missionaries see miracles. My heart is full this week. I know my Heavenly Father lives, so many times this week I needed him and He was there. I love you all.

Elder Taylor





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