Motherwell: 9/7/15 (Week 7)

I have been away from home for 400 days, what in the world? That seems like so long. Feels like I have been out on my mission for 10 years and other times it feels like I just came out. I am loving it though. We had a suppppeeer sweet week. We had four powerful baptisms. They bore their testimonies about how grateful they were for Elder Soko and I and it was super sweet. Really made me appreciate and realize why I am here. Love being a missionary. We have a couple more baptisms coming up in a few weeks, hopefully three on October 10th. Thank you for the prayers on their behalf, they didn’t go in vain! Continue to keep our area in your prayers!!


Cool story from this week. So a girl that just got baptized told me her brother needed a job and I told her we will both pray and fast and by the end of the month he would get a job. So we see her on the first and she says “Elder Taylor, remember my brother with the job? He got a job on August 31st, the last day of the month, and I told him about your prayers and what you told me and now he wants to come to church and take the lessons.” So sweet! I also confirmed her this week and it was great. We got a prompting to visit her and her sister and we did and found them bawling and out of control about something that happened and we gave her a blessing and she became calm, super cool experience!

We have been working hard on this less active family, the father used to be in the branch presidency and they complain church is far away so we told them we would be there at 9am and walk with them. So we did and it was a two mile walk in already 85 degree weather in our suits, took 45 minutes but they came. Whatever it takes to help these people.


But everyone I know I sound like a broken record but I just truly love mission life. So much joy, and always so dead tired, but I love it. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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