Motherwell: 8/31/15 (Week 6)

Well everyone, 13 months done. So crazy. But this week was yet another great one. We were walking out of an appointment and going to the car and our fellowshipper screams and I look back and get bit in the leg by this dog…. hahahhhaha! They were like “did it seriously bite you?” I was like “I can’t even believe it!” It was pretty funny, didn’t hurt too bad. But another reason why I hate dogs.

We had a super sweet baptism this week. The second counselor in the branch presiency’s son, Slugo, got baptized. He is 24 and a powerhouse.  He’s been investigating for a year! His father baptized him, took him 8 times but he did it! The four others getting baptized this Saturday all passed their interviews and are good to go! The work is exciting here! 6 baptisms in 6 weeks! And all glory be to the Father.


Elder Soko and I are staying together and I am super happy about that. This past transfer, the last 6 weeks, we were able to teach 198 lessons! And it has been awesome working with him. He has the same desire to work as hard as he can, be obedient, and trust the Lord. The Lord is truly over this area and it is a joy to be involved in the work in this part of His vineyard.


When I hit a year on my mission I thought maybe time would just stand still, but that is a good one! This last month went faster than any before on my mission. I only have 11 more months to give my all to the Lord and I want Him to say to me “well done thou good and faithful servant.” I want to have them take me home on a stretcher from how hard I worked! That is the only way!

But everyone, I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is the restored church that Jesus Christ himself esatablished when He was on the Earth. I am grateful to be His servant and always seek to do his will. I love you all and I am appreciative of all the prayers for the people I teach and for myself.

Elder Tayyyyyyla!




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