Motherwell: 8/24/15 (Week 5)

Well everyone it was a crazy, crazy, week. Lots of things happened this week. Cool experiences though! So on Saturday we attented a funeral. There was so much false doctrine being taught there we couldn’t take it anymore so we started handing out restoration pamphlets hahahah.. They were saying how God doesn’t know us by name and stuff. Crazy. But it was cool attending a legit African funeral. Yelling, singing, standing up and dancing. “Hallelujah” “Amen” hahahaha it was so cool!

We had a stake conference and we had our mission president speak and Elder Chatora, a general authority. I had the chance to speak to Elder Chatora for a little after conference and it was such a cool experience. I pray for and sustain all of the leaders in the church. Truly men of God.


So this week (my grandpa will be thrilled) I ate some cow intestine hahahhaaha! And next week they are making me sheep brain. Will need extra prayers this week hahahaha but looking forward to eating some authentic South African food!

We have five people that should be entering into the waters of baptism coming up on September 5th. Pray for them please. They are facing a lot of temptations and trials as the day approaches. Their names are, Nwabisa, Pumza, Zanele, Slugo, and Pakama. If you can’t pronounce them, try your best, but God knows who they are. No prayer is ever in vain! But that is all for this week! Love and miss you all!!!

Elder Taylor



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