Motherwell: 8/17/15 (Week 4)

It feels like I am writing one of these every day! Crazy how time flies. But this week was super great! We ended up with about 40 lessons so the work was super good this week! We were able to have 9 investigators at church and also 9 less actives that we teach at church! The field is truly white already to harvest here. Loving my mission and loving my time in this area. 


Alright but how in the world is Haley going to college? I cannot believe she is going this week. This was the girl that yesterday was playing pretend school with her dolls, like last year!! Hahaha wow I cannot believe this but so proud of the person she is and she is such a great example to me! LOVE AND MISS YOU HOLLS!


But nothing really new this week. Just the mission. One thing is that were doing something called “the family mission plan” so we are doing it with members. We felt impressed to do it with this less active lady who our branch president wanted us to see and she caught the vision of member missionary work. She is coming back to church and she is sharing the gospel like crazy! Last time we went she said she talked to her neighbor and he wanted us to come over so we went there and we shared the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it. He said “when can I come to church?” We said what a great question hahaha, so he came to church and loved it and asked to see us after. So we went after church and committed him to baptism! Crazy how much the Lord prepares people to hear His gospel. Every member is a missionary. If you don’t have a name tag paint one on your heart like Paul says!

Love and miss you all!!!!
Elder Taylor 



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