Motherwell: 8/10/15 (Week 3)

Well everyone another week down! This one was super great. Elder Soko and I have taught 70 lessons in total the past two weeks so we have been super busy which has been nice! We have so many people to teach we go on splits quite a bit to make sure we get to all of our lessons! We had a great meeting with the Branch President and Mission Leader and they really trust us and the work is moving forward! I want the branch to become a ward before I leave this area!


I have never worked this hard on my mission or have strived to be this obedient and this is why the Lord is truly over this area. He sees the hearts of Elder Soko and I and is truly blessing the area and the people we have been trusted to teach. I get scared thinking how quick time goes. Truly scary. I thought I would be on my mission forever, trust me, at times it still feels like that. But in a year from now I will be home, it is so weird. Just over 11 months. And it is a scary thought. I love my mission, love it. And because I have seen how quick time goes and how fast the weeks blow by, I am not taking any hour for granted. The time I have to serve the Lord is so short. Living my mission with no regrets. Our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ, never took it easy or slowed down. Even after he was crucified His spirit went to the Spirit World determined to carry out His glorious work. Whenever I get tempted to rest or take it easy one day I always tell myself “remember Him.” Remember who it is that I am serving, remember who this is really for. A mission is not for me, it is for Him, it is His time I am on. Yes, I am benefiting in ways that I can’t even imagine but it only comes as a byproduct of serving him. I love my Saviour and try to be like him more and more each day.


An assignment for everyone back at home. I want you to go out and give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a friend, neighbor, or family member, or anyone you meet. The Elders back home will thank me for this. It does not have to be hard… just picture this…..

You are reading at work, someone comes up and says “What are you reading?” You don’t need to say “Oh well this is the Book of Mormon…it was written 600 years before Christ and it talks about a prophet who left Jerusalem and went to America.” No. You don’t need to know everything. Instead you respond something like “Oh, it is this very interesting book.” And then the friend will be curious and say “What is it about?” And then you say “It is a great story about this family that overcomes trials as they rely on Jesus Christ. In fact it is all about Him!” Then say “Here, you can take this one and read it.” That simple. Don’t make it complicated. We have been doing this with members here and it has been so successful. And whether they take it or not, the seed has been planted. In Alma chapter 21 Aaron goes and teaches the people and gets rejected, hardcore and has no success and they cast him out. But in Alma 25, the Lamanites go through difficulties and remember the words Aaron spoke to them and many of them become converted. So even if you get rejected just know the seed has been planted and the Lord is pleased with you. Pray each morning for an opportunity to give out a copy. I can promise you that the Lord will lead you to people that are looking for the truth and know not where to find it. I am expecting a report back next week. Do not dissapoint.

But I love you all! Thank you for the continued prayers, they are not going in vain, they uplift and carry me. Have a great week!

Elder Taylor



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