Motherwell: 7/27/15 (Week 1)

One year next week, what the heck? How quick does time go? But wow this work has been glorious. Truly. Alright this will be a long update, so if you get bored you can stop reading but I will start with something funny so hopefully you can be interested in reading this hahahaha…alright so my son, Elder Nienaber, is now with Elder Smith and we were able to go to dinner with them on Wednesday. We had a good time and my son was talking about a guy we baptized and Elder Nienaber said (only members will get this):  “Well, Mike blessed the sacrament a few weeks ago, which was sweet. And last week they gave him the Priesthood.” I was like nooooooo way, Elder Smith and I were literally in tears hahahaha!

Alright…more serious note. I found out I am the district leader over 8 people instead of 6 so a lot more work. I have to do a lot of baptismal interviews and reports and stats and what not, so super busy. There are only two district leaders in our zone and the other one is a four man district 3 hours away from here. So it is me and the Zone leaders hahaha, I am tired. And the other area got closed in Motherwell so we have both areas now, so a lot a lot a lot of work! But we were able to have 8 investigators at church yesterday, and I already had to give a talk but it went well.


We were visiting this recent convert and her friend was there and we started talking to her and she started to tell us that she used to believe in Christ but her dad died and she doesn’t believe anymore. We bore testimony on the Plan of Salvation and how she would see him again. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and set up a time to meet the next day. We came and she said she read it and her heart burned as she read it.  We testified that it was the spirit testifying what she was reading was true. She didn’t know how to pray so we taught her and she closed with a prayer and at the end said “I know how to pray!” And she was smiling, and then she started to cry and we committed her to baptism and she accepted. We invited her to church and she said she was supposed to go away this weekend but might not so she can come to church, and what do you know! She chose church instead! So awesome! The Lord really does prepare people.


It is nice being old on the mission (meaning how long I have been out). People always ask “how old on mission are you?” I say a few weeks and they go “no way” I say, “yeah why?” And they say because I am so chilled like I have been doing this for years hahaha and they say “your Xhosa is way too good too”.  So I tell them the truth that I have been out for a year and they go “yoooooo your old on mission”. It is crazy! I am getting really good with xhosa,… Whenever I speak it people love it and we can get into any door when we tract! Ha, it is sweet.

images (1)

My new companion is sweet. He is super obedient, works really hard, but has a fun time. We have put in some work this week and I’m looking forward to giving it my all each and everyday for the next 12 months. Leaving it all on the altar. Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor

(My new area is a township that is part of Port Elizabeth…):



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