Mdantsane: 7/13/15 (Week 11)

Well everyone… this week was great…filled with ups and downs…learned a lot…grew a lot, what more could you ask for??  Start with something funny… at church after Sunday school this lady I have talked to maybe once came up to me and said “Elder, I am so glad I finally met a white guy with swag.” I was like oh.. thank you sister Nxoa hahahaha.


Alright so one of the most spiritual experiences I have had. We were far away from this less actives’ place but I felt impressed we needed to go and see her so we listened and went to her place, she is the only member. Her mom, who happens to never be there, was there, and joined us for the lesson. I felt impressed to talk about the Garden of Gethsemene and trials. I talked about how we all have our own Garden of Gethesemene’s. We all go through trials, we all hit our rock bottom but like Jesus Christ, we can overcome it. When Christ prayed he asked for an easier way, but there wasn’t. He could have quit, He could have been angry that He didn’t get what he wanted, but He pushed on. I read the verse that Heavenly Father sent Jesus an angel to comfort Him and he does the same for us, usually through another person. And after I was done speaking I look at the mom and she was bawling. And bore testimony on our own Garden of Gethsemene’s and it was so powerful. And after the less active girl said “You read about Heavenly Father sending Jesus an angel. Well I think you guys are our angels God sent to our family. We have been struggling a lot and this visit is what we needed.” Then the mom said she will start coming to our church and it was just amazing! God is great.

But everyone I just want to talk about trials. Before my mission I faced my fair share of trials, like everyone, they were tough. But when I came on my mission I was expecting alllllll of them to go away and have none for two years. Ha, don’t know why I thought that. But, I have come to appreciate and even thank Heavenly Father for these trials. Before I may have even gotten angry when I had a trial, but lately I have been trying to look to Him and smile and say “Heavenly Father, I know what this is, a time to prove myself, isn’t it?” As I was praying this week I was wondering why this has to be so hard, why it isn’t easier. But I came to the conclusion, it wasn’t easy for our Savior, why should I expect it to be any easier for myself? Salvation isn’t easy, we need to work at it. We can’t go through the motions and expect to be worthy to live with God. Brothers and sisters I encourage all of us to try even harder then we are. To try to be better each and every day. God knows who we are, we don’t need to be someone we are not, but he expects us to be our best selves. So, when trials come, look to him and say “I know what this is, a time to prove myself, isn’t it?” And ask for His help to ease our pain to overcome the trial. After every rainstorm comes the rainbow, after every bad there will ALWAYS be a good.

I love you all!

Elder Taylor



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