Mdantsane: 7/6/15 (Week 10)

Hope everyone had a good week and a great 4th of July. Don’t worry, we celebrated here, the American elders. We went to a Chinese restaurant hahaha…America. But not going to lie I think it was my toughest week on my mission. I really missed home and with summer, my birthday, the fourth of July, it was definitely tough. But I know this is the time where I need to continue to focus and work as hard as I can and prove to the Lord that I can endure to the end and serve everyday as if it were my last.


So it was definitely an interesting week, met a lot of…different…people. As a district leader I have to go on exchanges with the zone leaders so this week I went with Elder Smith. And he is related to the Miller family back in my home ward and he has been to Pleasanton a few times and it was a great day with him. We found some drunk witchcraft guys and it was a crazy exchange but went super well!

We started teaching this young man so we went to his house and he ended up not being there and it was his aunt that we have never met. So we started asking if she has seen missionaries and what not and she told us that she was less active. She said that us coming in her home was a blessing and that she will start going back to church. The lesson we shared was Ether 12:27, about our weaknesses that we have, and how they can become strengths if we humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for His help. The spirit was so strong!


The people love missionaries here, on Sunday we went to an appointment at a less actives’ and they fed us, and then we had a dinner appointment at 4 so we decided to see someone else and we did and at 3:50 we were leaving and they say “Wait, don’t go yet, we are preparing food for you” then they come out with all this food, can’t say no, and then go to a dinner appointment right after that. Don’t think I will eat today.


But love and miss you all, lots. Appreciate all the prayers, the thoughts, everything on my behalf. You all will never truly realize how much they help me and how much they mean to me! Hope everyone has a blessed week.


Elder Taylor





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