Mdantsane: 6/29/15 (Week 9)

Well everyone, first off my heart is full of gratitude for the love and support you all give me… I got 80 emails for my birthday and I truly appreciate it. But 11 months now have come and gone. The time is moving scary fast…. truly loving each and everyday. This week was full of miracles and I will share a few of them!


So my companion and I now have the car, and we promised the Lord we will do the best with the car that we can. We were averaging 23 lessons a week and come to Sunday we were at 24, and we knew if we pushed ourselves we could get 30 lessons. So we told the Lord to help us reach that goal. Sadly but kind of happily we got fed at a ward lunch at 5pm, so we only had 4 hours to teach 6 lessons, all of the people we went to teach would have to hold. So first one, holds, second, holds, and so on until the last one. And we even felt impressed to go to someone else and they happened to be home so we taught 7 lessons and ended up with 31 lessons! The Lord wants to bless us, we just need to tell Him our plan and how we plan to do it and he will provide a way!

board mdantsane 2

Alright another miracle. The power of the Priesthood. I have given a LOOOOT of blessings and I truly love using that authority I have been given. So there was this little girl who was super sick, doctors didn’t really know what was wrong with her and it was not looking good. They asked for a blessing and I was able to give her one. As I laid my hands on her head the Lord through me told her that she would be healed. The next day we went over and she was playing outside with her friends on the street and smiled and waved as we passed by. What a blessing! Priesthood power is real.

We had another baptism this week which was awesome! Our third one in this area, and the third one that wanted me to baptize them hahaha.  Still got to love using the Priesthood! But she’s a young women and there were a lot of girls there to support her, so it was super nice!


Another blessing…wow the Lord is good. There is this less active man who has this wife who hates the church. We went by and he wasn’t home and we talked to her and scheduled an appointment with her and I was expecting it to fall through, but we went the next day and she was home and let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon.  Every verse we were testifying about the spirit was super strong and she says “when can you guys come back?” Super awesome! The Lord really does prepare people!

Well something funny… I about died laughing.   We came back to church on Sunday to teach our recent convert and they were all eating KFC…the young women were…and they said “come and sit and eat!” Have to respect the women so we did hahahhaha and I looked at my companion and I said “Did they really buy KFC on Sunday?” HAHAHA! He died laughing. Life is good.


Once again love you all, truly, you all are amazing.  Thank you for the birthday wishes!  Hope I continue to live up the expectations that are placed on me here on my mission and serve the way my Father in Heaven expects me too!


Elder Taylor


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