Mdantsane: 6/22/15 (Week 8)

Subject: Great Great Week

Hello everyone! Well this week was great, as you can see in the subject. Many cool things happened. This week it was POURING rain, absolutely pouring, and we are walking missionaries so we were getting soaked, absolutely soaked. And we were the only ones in the street. We would sprint from one lesson to another and it was a super cool experience!

Mdantsane East London

We have a lot of exciting investigators now and great things happening in the area so we are excited about that. We have a baptism of a girl named Kwakwanya and she asked me to baptize her. We have been able to see a lot of success in this area because the Lord truly has been over it because of our obedience and desire to work hard in this part of the Lord’s vineyard.

Alright, some exciting news. Elder Ratema and I are getting a car! For the rest of the transfer. SO EXCITED! Hahahaha walking was just not fun in our area, such a huge huge area. Imagine walking from Ruby Hill to Amador, that was about the size of our area. So now our work will even pick up more because of the car!


Something I feel impressed to share. I had a problem earlier in my mission of not letting myself be happy until I reached a certain point of my mission. I thought, “Oh when I am 3 months I will be happy… when I am 6 months.” And so on, but before I even realized it I have almost been out for a year, half of my mission. Just like that. So quick. Do we listen to a song just to wait for it to end until we enjoy it? No. Do we do a family activity like going on a walk just for it to be over? No. It is the same thing with other things in life. For me, I realized that everything will come in time. Family, school, kids, end of mission, etc. I don’t need to just enjoy it when its done. And that is my plea for all of you, enjoy the moment, live for the day, live everyday as if tomorrow you are to meet God.

Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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