Mdantsane: 6/15/15 (Week 7)

What another great week in the service of the Lord. Miracles happening all around! I had to say bye to my best friend Elder Smith but we welcomed a new Elder into the district, Elder Heaton, from my transfer! So it is nice to have him in the district!  So a few cool experiences this week that I will share.


We teach this lady who is a pastor of a church, she invited us to do service at her church so we did. What a cool experience! We went to church on Saturday at this happy clappy church and it was one of my favorite memories of my mission. They would all stand up and pray individually out loud and would just randomly sing and clap and what not and it was so cool!  It was in a little shack. There were 6 missionaries and we were sitting on a bench and it broke and we smacked the ground, I think it was a set up… hahhaha jokes!  But it was cool… just when I thought things could not get any better.. the pastor puts on Rhianna!! HAHA! And 3 girls do a dance to it. So awesome. Although it was a super cool experience, it only adds to the reality that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We have two more baptisms coming up next week so we are excited for them. We have one baptism of a 17 year boy named Batandwa. He is a powerhouse. He wanted to come fellowshipping with us so he did, a non member!  Ha, he taught 5 minutes of the restoration and it was super cool. Love the gospel and love the people that I teach. Truly have started to develop charity and it feels great.

Also, as a district leader I have to do baptismal interviews for the other elders in my district so I had my first one this past Saturday, I passed her hahaha. Cool experience though!

Well I feel impressed to bear testimony on the Atonement, so I will. Growing up, I was afraid of change. I was afraid of giving up what I was, for what I could become. As I came on my mission I was not the best I could have been. As I saw the example of other missionaries I knew what I wanted. To be like them and strive to be like my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Over time I have become better and better and I am so happy with the person I am becoming. Sometimes I think back to the wrongs I have done in my life and feel maybe I have not been forgiven. But God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were. Satan wants us to think we can’t be forgiven but do not listen to him! The Lord promises that once we sincerely repent, He will forgive us and “remember our sins no more”. What a beautiful promise. I know that is true. I know that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God but we are saved because of Jesus Christ, the living Son of the living God. All we need to do is humble ourselves, recognize he is our saviour and humbly repent each and everyday sincerely. One day after we do all that we can we will hear the words of the Lord “well done thou good and faithful servant” and we will be welcomed home to the mansions prepared for us.

I love you all!

Elder Taylor



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