Mdantsane: 6/8/15 (Week 6)

Well everyone, I had such super crazy things happen this week. I will start off with one of the funniest experiences I have ever had. So, this week we were supposed to get flu shots so we went to the doctor and we waited for about 30 minutes and they come out with these little boxes that have shots in them, so I was thinking “Oh, so maybe we take them to the doctor or something.” And the lady goes, “well, have a good day and hands us the shots.” So, we had to do them ourselves….what in the world?! So we are sitting in the car and we take the shot out of the box and I was thinking this is not happening hahahhaa, so I told Elder Smith I was going to give him a shot first, so I did. And then we ended up giving everyone shots in our district, so funny. T.I.A (THIS IS AFRICA!)


So we had another baptism this week and here is another great story. So we fill up the tank and once it is filled up we check and it is just gross dirt water, 5 minutes before the baptism. So I gave the “OK” to continue with the baptism in this swamp like water and then we do the service and come in to be baptized and the water went down all the way until about 2 feet. I was like “perfect.” So I tried twice to get him down but couldn’t so I told them to close the doors and we would try in ten minutes. So we try again and same result. And then the fourth time, I just threw him down under the water, and it worked, and he was baptized….hahahahhaha whatever it takes!


We are getting a new district, Elder Smith is leaving. He has been a brother to me…would take the shirt off his back to help someone in need. Truly hope to be half of the man and missionary he is. We are getting Elder Heaton…he was in my transfer and we are good friends so I am excited about that.

But I love you all. I pray for everyone back home daily and miss you all, but doing the Lord’s work and loving every minute of it!

Elder Taylor




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