Mdantsane: 5/25/15 (Week 4)

How is everyone? I first want to start off with a text message I received from one of the people that I baptized in my last area. They said “Hey Elder Taylor. Just wanted to tell you that you have indeed left a void in my life even spiritually. I now know without a doubt you are the best missionary out serving a mission in South Africa. Keep up the outstanding work that you are doing. God bless you. I love and miss you bro.” Something I want to council with others is to friendship new members and investigators. People become too attached to missionaries and when they leave, if they have no friends, they too will leave. Please reach out to new members, to less actives, and those investigating the church.


So my companion and I have been working super hard, very, to try and get this area going. We had 5 investigators at church and a very successful week. We have a baptism Saturday and she asked me to baptize her so we are excited about that. It really is a testimony to me of the Lord’s promise. He says “I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” The Lord says hes “bound”. If we are obedient He has to bless us. That is who He is. I know He is over this area, this part of the vineyard I am in, because of our obedience and desire to serve Him.

One cool story this week. We were trying to decide who we were going to see and I felt impressed to go visit this old lady who cannot make it to church because, well, shes super old. Her daughter was there and we told them we just wanted to share something small with them. I felt impressed to share a promise in the book of 2nd Timothy that talks about if we endure to the end, the Lord will have a crown of righteousness for us. The daughter was just bawling and the spirit was super strong. Then this old lady reaches into her wallet and gives us all she has, ten rand, about a dollar and tells us to go buy something for ourselves. Such a sweet experience.


I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time all the way through on my mission and the more I read it the more I can testify of it. I know it is true, it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It was translated off of gold plates by the prophet Joseph Smith. He was a prophet of God. I would have came home from my mission a long time ago if I didn’t know 10000% that he was. I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and I invite all family and friends to take the missionary lessons and find out for yourself. I love you all.

Elder Taylor



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