Mdantsane: 5/18/15 (Week 3)

Subject: A pretty “sick” week

As you can see with the subject it was a “sick” week. Mostly, because I am actually sick, a sinus infection. Yay! Hahahaha but no worries, the work must go on! This has been the hardest I have ever worked on my mission, especially because I am walking. The Lord has given me the strength and perseverance to press on no matter what the circumstances are. My companion and I have been striving to be exactly obedient and still have lots of fun and we are starting to see miracles in this area. It is cool coming to this area and “white washing” it and building it from the ground up. Being a district leader here is awesome too because of how obedient our district is, makes my job easy!


Alright a funny story. We went on exchanges and we visited a recent convert who is a rapper, one of the funniest things that have happened on my mission. We asked him to pray and he legit raps his prayer. A few lines in his prayer: “Yo we just chilling with the missionaries because we cool like dat.” And the classic: “God, you da only one.” And finally…”yeah, yeah, we say dis in the same of Jesus Christ, and da holy spirit, ameeeeeeeen.” I was like what… going on hahahah…and here is another quote from a member in the bishopric during his talk. He says “No one got up to bear their testimonies, and I was thinking ‘what is wrong with the spirituality of our members'”? Hahahahhahaha I love South Africa.


Loving my mission, loving the experiences, loving the joy, the trials, the hardships, and the fun. Cherishing every minute I have because it is going by way too quick. Coming up on a year, so weird. But thank you for the constant prayers on my behalf, they are not going in vain, they keep me going. Love you all!

Elder Taylor




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