Mdantsane: 5/4/15 (Week 1)

Hello from the Eastern Cape!  Crazy!  Super long week and finally got to my new area. First day here in Mdantsane, as we were doing studies, we hear this loud bang in our house. We ran to the kitchen, and there is a monkey eating our food hahahahha! What?! Found out we have monkeys that always hang out in our trees. Finally feel like I am in Africa again!  We live in a house with our district and it is great. Very nice house and I get to live with Elder Smith, so that is sweet! My new companion is from South Africa and he is awesome, super chill and funny and we get a long super good!


I did have to say bye to my two best friends in Cape Town on Tuesday, so hard. Arnold and Phuma, forever changed my life. Arnold told me right before I left, “Elder Taylor, I keep picturing you with three kids, preparing them to go on a mission just like you.” And it got me thinking that I am doing exactly what I want my future sons to be doing and to endure all the trials I face, and I know he will do the same thing as me. He then said “I have a song for you”, and he put on “Dont Cry” and said “this says more than I can right now, I am too sad”. I love those two and I feel home sick for my last area!  But, MD is my new home and excited to do all I can here!


So MD is nice, but walking kinda stinks hahahah. We had a lot of success this week though so that was nice. We found 15 new investigators and taught a lot of lessons in just a few days! The great thing is that people let you into their house no matter what. We would knock and they would yell “come in” before even knowing who was there. We had a finding activity with our district and we told the Lord we desired a total of 8 new investigators and we ended up with 10….how great is our God?


Elder Smith is back in my district and it is great having my old companion back! We went on exchanges and we taught a lesson in Xhosa because this Ma could not speak English. We didn’t get much out but we tried hahahaha it was super cool!

Thank you for all the prayers, I appreciate all of them.

Love you all!

Elder Taylor





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