Cape Town: 4/27/15 (Week 24 – FINAL WEEK!)

9 months, come and gone. Every month goes faster and faster. Kinda stinks but oh well! Well I guess I will start off with getting transferred. I am leaving my area after 6 months and I am pretty upset about it, but it is part of a mission. I have had a lot of hard goodbyes and have a few more very tough ones where I know I will cry. Just got attached to these people. I found out that my new area will me a place called Mdanstane. I will be the District Leader and will be “white washing” the area, meaning my companion will also be new to the area and we don’t know who invesitgators are, members, where anything is, etc. But the good news is, one of my best friends on my mission, Elder Smith, will be in my district and we will be living in a house together.  Excited about that!  And, we are walking in our area though, so not thrilled about that hahaha. President called on Saturday to interview me for leadership and said “Are you ready for a big challenge?” I said “always ready”. And then I found out what I would be doing and was thinking “ehhh maybe not…” Jokes.. I know this will be very tough but I will give my all, be obedient, and let the Lord lead me to His children who are looking for the truth and know not where to find it!


Something mine and Elder Nienabers mothers will get a kick out of…. We were meeting with some guy and after I prayed he goes. “You Elders are so mature, you have wisdom so much beyond your years.” Elder Nienaber looked at me and I was thinking “Mature is probably not the word I would describe us as.” Hahahhaha on a mission we just mature on the run! We still feel like kids but it brings some enthusiasm to the work!

We had a super funny experience and it made me appreciate serving in this country hahhaa…we were teaching some guy and a “chief” walks in from Camoroon. He was like “I have had things to drink, but my friend has had a lot more.” And his friend goes “Noooooo chief, why do you betray me.” Hahahahah and it was the funniest lesson I have ever been apart of. Got to love South Africa.


Really going to miss my “son”, Elder Nienaber. We totaled our stats from the past 12 weeks and ended teaching over 300 lessons together. We worked SO hard and saw so many miracles. I told him that what determines a successful missionary is being obedient and working as hard as we can. Where at the end of the day we can kneel down to our Father in Heaven and be able to tell him we gave it our all. No matter what happens with the agency of others, if we can do that, then we are successful. I was able to have 6 baptisms here and 3 with Elder Nienaber. I know that God is proud of me as a man and as his servant. I am so happy and filled with joy and my heart is truly full of gratitude for the many things I have been blessed with. As I enter a new stage in my mission I know that I need him now more than ever, and if I want to help my new area then I need to rely on him. Looking forward to the challenge and me and my new companion are about to OWN IT!!!!

Love you all! Keep me in your prayers as I enter this new stage and for the people to have open hearts! Need a team effort with all of you!

Elder Taylor




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