Cape Town: 4/20/15 (Week 23)

I just want everyone to think about how bad of a business model this is….turning the salvation of Gods children to 18, 19, and 20 year olds. Bad business move, divinely inspired. So many people trust missionaries with their lives. Just a few times this week I heard “my life is in your hands” I was thinking…. I am 19!! But the Lord helps all of us through the things we face on a mission!

Well this is my final week in my area. It has been 6 whole months in Capetown. So crazy how quick time flies. I will probably cry as I leave this area. I have gotten close to so many people, so many. I told some less actives we teach that I would be leaving the area so come to church and sit with me, they did. I heard a few people’s testimonies to me of how I changed their lives and see them tear up, makes me sad. One funny thing is the people I teach start saying things I say because I have been around them so much. I always say “sweet” and there is about 10 people that I teach now that always say that…maybe it is good I leave this area hahahah! I thank my Father in Heaven for letting me serve in this area, what a privilege.


As part of training a new missionary, the final two weeks you let your trainee take over and be the senior companion. So Elder Nienaber has taken the lead for planning and teaching and is doing such a great job. It has been a real joy to be his companion and it really will be a hard goodbye in a week from now. We have worked so hard together. Elder Nienaber and I had another week with 30 lessons, we are both completely drained everyday but I LOVE IT!  We are seeing miracles in our area. Something cool that happened this week was with Keith. His Anglican friend would tell him anti-mormon stuff and ask us for our response and we would keep responding and his friend gave up and said “I don’t want to argue”!!  One funny thing Keith asked my companion and I this week was “So, do you guys live near each other?”…I said ya, about 2 feet from each other!


Everyone has their own teaching styles as missionaries and mine is stories.. I think that is the best way to do it… so here is a story I always tell…feel impressed that one of the people reading this needs to here it. So there is this professor and he is trying to come up with something good to teach his students the next day. He thinks long and hard and he finally got it. So going into class the next day he was all happy. His students sit down and he says “class, today we are going to talk about how there is no God.” He said “This is why there is no God, I have never seen him, he has never spoken to me, I have seen pictures of him, but have never felt him.” And all the students looked around and were like “Yeah, that makes sense, I have never seen him too, must need be there.” And one student raised his hand and said “Professor, I have an answer” And the Professor said “okay lets here it.” And he said “Professor, you don’t have a brain.” And the professor was like you can’t talk to me like that. And the student goes “This is why you don’t have a brain. I have never seen it, it has never spoken to me, and I have never felt your brain, therefore you don’t have a brain” And the student went on to bear his witness of God. I love this story. Many people think that we can’t see something so its not there. Just because we can’t see God does not mean he isn’t there.  We have so much evidence He is real. We have the scriptures, the Book of Mormon and the Bible where people have actually seen and spoken to him. We have prayer, where we can actually communicate with him. So it is all about the faith. We all will be backed up to the wall of faith at some point in our lives but it is important to just have the faith. Just look around at the miracles everyday around us.


I bear you my testimony that God is real. He does love us. He knows us. He knew us before this Earth and He Knows us know and will always know us. He knows what makes us happy and what makes us sad. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. All he wants is for us to be happy. I have felt his love so many times here on my mission that I cannot deny his existence, or his love for me and all his children.

I love you all,

Elder Taylor




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