Cape Town: 4/13/15 (Week 22)

What is up everyone? Yet another great week, got to love a mission! Lots of cool things happened this week!

I will start off with a funny story… So this week Elder Nienaber and I visited someone in a very sketch area. We usually lock the doors before we pray to go into an appointment just in case, but this time we didn’t. So right before we pray, someone opens the door! Thinking it was our recent convert I looked up and was about to talk and I see this guy with two teeth.. I was like oh hey…he looks at me and sees the candy on the ground and says “give me the sweets” So I gave him the sweets and he shut the door and left… I was like, “did we just get robbed of candy?” Hahhahahah, to be honest a little disappointed because I wanted that candy, but obviously he wanted it more.


Super cool things happening with our investigator Keith. He is starting to make huge strides in his life. He threw away $70 worth of tobacco! And he is pushing forward to his baptismal date in two weeks…so excited for that! We were able to also meet a lot of new investigators this past week and there is so many exciting things happening in our area because the Lord is truly the one over it!

Had one of those “I am on a mission” experiences this week hahahaha. My companion and I made pasta and put egg in it..and as I was eating it I just started to laugh… I told him “when would we ever make noodles and put eggs in it?” hhahhaha best times you have as missionaries!

If anyone who is a non member of the church is reading this.. go to google and type in “Blueprint of Christ Church” by Elder Callister. It shows what we believe and the structure of the church! I recommend all to read it!


We had interviews with President Merrill this week and they were great. He is such a great man! His testimony always strengthens mine. I have had so many sacred and special experiences on my mission where I know for myself the things I have been teaching are true. My whole attitude of myself and life has changed so much. I even found myself praying yesterday, thanking the Lord for another great week and in the prayer I said “thanks for all the trials and experiences I learned from this week.” I am grateful for the trials I do face because it is my time to prove to God that I will rely on him and know He will carry me through my trials. If there was 100 steps between us and Heavenly Father…all we have to do is take one step and he will take the 99 back to us. We just need to humble ourselves and trust in Him. I am so grateful for my mission, I am finally happy and content with the person I am and happy because this is the man I always wanted to be. I just need to continue to improve each and everyday! Thank you all for the prayers on my behalf! Gives me comfort and strength everyday!

Elder Taylor



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